Some Different Business Phone Services

Posted on: 14 July 2020

If you are trying to decide on a type of business phone system to have installed in your new office space, then you should learn more about some of the different types of systems there are available and consider the benefits each offer in order to make the best decision. Here are some of the business phone systems that might be an option for you:

Landline business phone system

One way you can go is to have a traditional landline system for your office space. This is the same type of telephone system that was used in homes and businesses for many years before technology advancements made other systems available. Landlines can offer you features like multiple lines, phone conferencing capabilities, voicemail, call forwarding, and much more. The lines are hardwired into the phonejacks. One huge benefit of this type of system is it won't be affected by things like network issues or Internet glitches. Landlines can also be VoIP hybrid systems. The big benefit of this system is it offers reliability. 

VoIP business phone system

A VoIP business phone system will use the same connections your office already makes use of for its Internet. This type of system will offer you all of the same features you get with the landline systems but also more. It can also offer computer integration that can offer you a lot of other advanced features. One of these features includes offering your employees access to the company's phone system via their mobile device. Another great benefit to having a VoIP business phone system is in most cases it will be much more affordable than a landline, especially if you are making a lot of outgoing long-distance phone calls. 

Virtual business phone system

A virtual business phone system is one where the calls that come in to the business phone number will be connected to the employees on their cell phones or even on their home landline phones. In short, this type of business phone system can best be described as a type of call forwarding phone system. This type of system can still offer a lot of the features you would want your business phone system to have, including call screening, online faxing, and voicemail. This is a good option for a very small office where you would like to present yourself as working in-office when you are actually at home or somewhere else.

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