Worried About Network And Phone Security? What To Know

Posted on: 10 January 2017

If your business is growing and the amount of important data and information you have on your servers is growing, it's time to find a data management service. If you use an online phone service and public network, you need help. You want to be sure that your data is safe and secure, and this is important for the people you do business with and the business itself.

There are so many people that have access to your server once you are connected to the Internet. Here are a few of the things you need to fear, and reasons you need a protection system in place.

Online Terrorists

Online terrorism is a huge problem. The terrorists will steal all the files and data off your servers and your network, and then they will require you to pay a large sum of money to get the data and files back. This can happen to any type of company big or small, and after it's happened you have to decide if you want to pay back the money to get your information back, and there is no guarantee they will give you what you want. Also, they already have copies of everything. Network protection can help prevent this.

Phone Hacking

If messages go through your digital phone system, then your phones and voicemail boxes are susceptible to being hacked as well. If you don't want people hearing the personal messages, or you don't want someone hacking into the business phone system, you need to have digital protection for your phones as well.

Identity Theft

Identity theft protection is important because every employee you have in your database is at the risk of having your sever attacked, along with all the businesses or people you do business with. You need to sit down with a consultant to see what you can do to protect every company you do business with, all your business financial accounts, and additional protection for the people that work for you.

If you just obtained an Internet service from a local provider and you aren't sure what type of security you have, it's time that you sit down with a data management company. You need to find out how much coverage you have, if it's enough, and if you are at risk. As soon as your network is secured you can work and be online without the stress and fear.


Establishing Rules for Your Child

Growing up, my parents didn’t buy me and my sister many electronic gadgets. Therefore, I was extremely surprised when my dad bought me my first cellphone when I was a teen. He told me I could keep it if I always used it responsibly. Have you recently bought a first cellphone for one of your kids? Consider establishing certain rules before you present your child with his or her cellphone. For instance, you might want to forbid cellphone usage during family dinners. You may also wish to make your kid leave his or her electronic gadget in another room while he or she completes homework assignments. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious ways to help your child use his or her cellphone responsibly. Enjoy!

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